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Internal Communications Committee:
This committee focuses on maintaining effective communication channels within the organization. They facilitate information sharing among staff, volunteers, and board members, ensuring smooth coordination and collaboration.

External Communications Committee:
This committee handles the organization's external communication strategies. They manage public relations efforts to promote the hospice house's mission, engage with the community, and raise awareness.

Finance Committee:
The finance committee oversees financial matters, including budgeting, fundraising, and donor management. They work closely with the accounting committee to ensure transparent financial practices and secure the necessary resources for the hospice house's operations.

Accounting Committee:
This committee handles financial record-keeping, bookkeeping, and financial reporting. They play a crucial role in maintaining accurate financial information, tracking expenses, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines.

Event Organization (Local) Committee:
This committee plans and coordinates local events for fundraising, community engagement, and awareness-building purposes. They handle logistics, volunteer coordination, and outreach to ensure successful and impactful events.

Online Marketing Committee:
This committee focuses on promoting the hospice house's activities and initiatives through online platforms. They manage the organization's website, social media presence, and online advertising efforts to reach a broader audience and attract virtual volunteers and supporters.

General Committee:
The general committee serves as a flexible and versatile group, assisting in various areas as needed. They provide support to other committees, fill in gaps, and help with day-to-day tasks, ensuring the smooth operation of the hospice house.

Patient and Family Support Committee:
This committee specializes in creating meaningful and personalized experiences for patients and their families, both within and outside of the hospice house. They work to fulfill bucket list wishes and organize living funerals, aiming to provide these services to individuals in need even before the hospice house is open. The committee collaborates with volunteers to plan and coordinate these special events, ensuring that patients and their loved ones can create cherished memories and find comfort during challenging times.